1. The Effect of Water Surface and Sea Bottom on Sound Propagation in Persian Gulf
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 1-6

  Whether exploratory or commercially, acoustic fishery benefits are important in finding a school of fish and other aquatics, but using this procedure and state accurate detailed information for the whole specifications of organisms require sufficient information of sound speed changes, course of ray propagation and their rate of  absorption and attenuation . This research has considered the quality of sound speed changes towards the depth in terms of physical specifications of Dayer port' s water situated in the northeast of Farsi island and around 50 Kmsouth of Delvar (latitude 28˚,2' north ...  بیشتر

2. An Empirical Study on EDI Diffusion in the Iranian Maritime Trade
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 7-13

  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is commonly defined as an application-to-application transfer of business documents between computers using industry-defined standards which enable organizations to send and receive business communications more quickly, flexibly, cheaply, and with higher security than conventional communications. With improvements in the quality and affordability of data communications systems, EDI has become more attractive to all types of organizations. Given the global use of shipping documents, such as bills of lading and charterparties, this paper summarizes the background ...  بیشتر

3. Generating Tidal Energy and its Apllications in Northern Coasts of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 14-25

  Tidal energy is a clean,  reliable and available  energy that  exits vastly. Moreover, it can be offered to most of coastal  regions and cities. This clean energy  can be used in littoral  zones worldwide , together with islands and coasts ofIransuch as Chabahar. Furthermore, from ecosystem point of view, this energy is useful for increasing coral reefs and also using organic materials in different applications.Via different turbines, tidal kinetic energy is transformed into  electric energy.In this article, different methods of acquiring energy from tidal ...  بیشتر

4. Comparison of Ducted and Non-Ducted Ship Propellers with Constraints Consideration Using Genetic Algorithm
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 26-36

  In recent years, in spite of progressing in the ship propulsion system, many problems are required to work in order to gain highest performance. Optimization of propeller system, as the most important and applicable in this type of systems is of special importance. In many vessels, due to their certain conditions design, ducted propeller is used. Genetic algorithm is a powerful method for finding all parameters in a design with multiple objectives. Therefore, considering various aspects of design, we can use this algorithm for designing propellers. In this paper, GA method is applied for two purpose; ...  بیشتر

5. Numerical Simulation of the Incompressible Laminar Flow Over a Square Cylinder
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 37-44

  Simulation of fluid flow over a square cylinder can be performed in order to understand the physics of the flow over bluff bodies. In the current study, incompressible laminar flow over a confined square cylinder, with variable blockage factor has been simulated numerically, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The focus has been on vortex-induced vibration (VIV) of the cylinder. Vorticity-stream function formulation of the governing equation has been used and the equations have been discretized using finite difference method (FDM). Different flow analyses have been conducted based on various ...  بیشتر

6. Water Quality Modeling in Persian Gulf Considering Thermal Pollution Sources of Industrial Plants
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 45-53

  Numerical modeling is carried out to investigate the spreading pattern of industrial wastewater released from coastal refineries and power plant into thePersian Gulf. The pollutant sources due to the wastewater outfall of the coastal industrial plants are completely considered in the model. The effects of sources are inspected on the adjacent marine environment. The numerical model is developed using finite difference method in two horizontal dimensions in plane. The model is applied in several planes along the depth and the effect of depth variation is considered in a depth integrated manner. ...  بیشتر

7. Clutter Removal in Sonar Image Target Tracking Using PHD Filter
دوره 14، شماره 55 ، پاییز 1389، صفحه 54-59

  In this paper we have presented a new procedure for sonar image target tracking using PHD filter besides K-means algorithm in high density clutter environment. We have presented K-means as data clustering technique in this paper to estimate the location of targets. Sonar images target tracking is a very good sample of high clutter environment. As can be seen, PHD filter because of its special features can remove clutter and track targets accurately and precisely. PHD filter does not need data association techniques and so can be used in online application where spent time for tracking is very important.  بیشتر